Gladinet 1.4.232

An intuitive interface for your online storage services


  • Mount an online storage service as a virtual drive
  • Very well integrated with online services


  • Only supports a few services

Very good

There are several online storage solutions you can use to keep an online backup copy of your files. The problem is that none of them offer an efficient desktop client to manage online contents.

Gladinet can lend you a hand here, by providing you with an intuitive user interface for the most popular online file storage services: Google Picasa, Google Docs, Amazon S3 and Windows Live Skydrive. With Gladinet, these services will appear as one more drive on your system, with all your online contents organized into several folders and files.

Gladinet is very easy to use. All you have to do is select the service you want to mount as virtual drive on your system and fill in the necessary details – mainly just your username and password. From this moment on, the selected service will appear as one more folder on your system, making online contents much easier to manage.

Gladinet is still at beta stage so you may find some bugs while using it, though I must say it worked fine during our tests. Too bad it doesn't support more online storage solutions! Hopefully in future releases we'll see more added.

With Gladinet you can now handle all your files in online storage solutions in a much easier way, just as if they were folders on your hard drive.



Gladinet 1.4.232

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    I like this stuff.
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